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Mike Lazaridis discusses BlackBerry "Super Phones" and RIM's 10 year plan

News, • January, 6th, 2011 •


The BlackBerry "Super Phone" is coming, just maybe not tomorrow. Mike Lazaridis sat down with PCMag at CES 2011 to discuss a bit about RIM's future and what we can expect in the coming years. During the interview Mike confirmed the plans to bring QNX to BlackBerry smartphones, but also said that current multi-core processors aren't quite what they need to make this happen. “Battery life, size, weight, thickness, cost” are all factors here, and until those are all up to par for what RIM has planned, it doesn't look like we'll be seeing QNX on our devices. Future QNX devices are coming, just no word on when exactly. RIM isn't in a hurry. "First they made RIM a global business, now they're delivering the PlayBook, and super phones are on the to-do list", he said. Mike alluded to the next 10 years of BlackBerry, and the growth they are preparing for in BlackBerry both in handheld devices and tablets.

We spent the last three years building a global company. Putting in all the infrastructure, building the relationships, building the supply channels, the infrastructure, the distribution, the manufacturing capacity, that's what we did! And we continue to grow, right? What we're setting up is for the next 10 years of BlackBerry. We just finished the first 10 years, actually closer to 12 - the first decade of BlackBerry. Now we're setting up for the next decade of BlackBerry. Right? That's what we're doing.

I think it's because we're always thinking ahead, we're always planning ahead. I think in this kind of business you have to have a lot of planning. It's one thing to take a reference design and package it. It's another thing to build a platform that can grow with your customers' needs, that can grow with where the market is going as opposed to where the market is today. To provide that uncompromised performance for enterprise, for government, for large corporations as well as provide an experience for the consumer that's unique. 

So how do you feel about these statements? Are you optimistic for the future of BlackBerry, or are you starting to get impatient? With RIM re-branding WES to BlackBerry World, all of us on the CrackBerry team are hoping we'll see RIM use this event to announce some BIG things for BlackBerry Smartphones (not just tablets) this May. Maybe Mike L is just setting us up to blow us away. I for one am excited to see what RIM brings us this year, and for years to come. They definitely have a solid foundation world-wide to build on, and I can't wait to see where they go. For the full interview, check out the link below..




Visa Mobile app available for BlackBerry - Access money saving offers on your device!

Apps, • January 9th, 2011 • 

Visa Mobile App for Blackberry

Visa has released a new mobile application for BlackBerry to help you take advantage of special offers on shopping and services. The app is free and available in BlackBerry App World. Once you download it, you create your account from within the app. Choose which offer categories you want to see and you're all set; as they become available, the service sends merchant discounts and special offers to you via the app. These can be redeemed at retail locations, online, or by telephone through merchant call centers. This eliminates the need for you to present a paper coupon at the point of sale. You do need to link your Visa card to the app in order to take advantage of the offers. You can also access maps and directions to nearby locations of select merchants providing offers and ATMs that accept Visa.

If you regularly use your Visa to make purchases online or in retail stores, this may be a convenient way for you to save some money.The Visa mobile app is currently only compatible with BlackBerry 85xx, 9000, and 89xx/9630/9700 with at least OS 5.0. (No indication if it works on BB6 yet.) Unfortunately this app is currently only available in the USA. Sorry folks. 

For more information and to download the Visa Mobile App from BlackBerry App World

More information from the Visa website.



Foursquare v1.9.10 for BlackBerry now available for download

News, Apps • January, 9th, 2011 • 


Foursquare has just let us know they've gone ahead an updated the BlackBerry app for users. You can now hit the Foursquare download page to grab version 1.9.10. Only a few changes this time around but, Foursquare also made not in their email to us that in the coming weeks they have a few surprises that they will be rolling out to users. In the meantime though here is what's listed as being changed in v1.9.10:

  • Improved tip/todo management
  • Users can now call a business straight from the venue page.
  • Nearby specials screen now lets you jump to that venue.
  • Improved battery life and performance.

It may take some time for it to show up for everyone in BlackBerry App World so, be sure to use the direct link listed below if you simply cannot wait. You can also try refreshing BlackBerry App World. Either way, check it out!

*Update* - v1.9.12 is now avilable to correct a check in issue, you can find it in the same spot

Download Foursquare v1.9.10 here.



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